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Are you stucked in your career? 

Looking for a job – a tough feat in any field – can be even harder when the competition is stiff and your skills are outdated. An effective career strategy can set you apart from other candidates if you know how to properly promote yourself. You might have better skills and knowledge than other candidates in your field, but unfortunately, if they have more effective marketing, they might have a better shot at the job. The system is not always fair, but if you play your cards right, you can end up landing any job you want. When you’re looking for a job, your must be organized and prepared. Through my coaching program, you’ll determine the specific jobs that you’d like and whether or not you currently have the proper skill set to apply. We will focus on Mindfulness and express your Flow Experience, and we will do time management exercises.

It’s time to turn your dream job into reality.

As a coach, I will get you crystal clear about what job fits your unique skills and identifying how your personal brand aligns with your target career field or industry. Than we will craft high-quality career documents (CV and cover letter) to highlight the distinct benefit you offer the target employer. We will create a personalized, keyword-rich LinkedIn profile, so you appear in more employer searches and clearly demonstrate a specific value to the company. And last, but not at least, we will simulate some interview, shaping your interviewing skills,

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