Life coaching
Life coaching

You are the “expert of yourself``

  1. The process

    I believe, you deserve the time to focus on your own needs and goals, in the presence of a compassionate listener. My approach is to meet you exactly where you are and provide a healthy space where you can explore and identify solutions that fit your life and goals. 

    By working with me, you will be with someone who truly has an understanding of the world you are living in right now. Fore each session, you will bring a topic, to talk about. I will have lot of questions and we will create action plans with follow up items.

  2. My methods

    As a coach, I use solution-focused coaching, what  may be defined as ‘an outcome orientated, competence-based approach’ which encourages you,  to take personal responsibility and focus on future actions to direct these towards a specific goal using your personal strengths to best effect.

    Gestalt coaching method is really close to me as well, I adopt a holistic approach, recognising many aspects of the human condition(thoughts, feelings, behaviours, perceptions and spirit). I invite you into a way of experiencing yourself more fully in the present moment.

    My practice is based on ICF (International Coaching Federation) Ethics and Competency  model.

  3. True You Transformation

    This programme allows a gradual absorption of new ways of thinking supported by powerful tools and resources, all backed up by accountability checks and cheerleading from me.  

    This is programme with weekly or bi-weekly sessions lasting one hour. The entire programme is conducted one-to-one online via Zoom for your convenience and flexibility. Whilst this programme loosely follows a structure, it is tailored so it is completely bespoke to you and the challenges that you face. You will learn how certain behaviours and attitudes don’t serve us well, in fact they actually disempower us. You will be amazed at how small changes can make a massive impact and transformation – not only for yourself, but for all those who are important to you. 


  4. Deep Dive

    If you feel there’s just one burning issue that’s got you stuck and you need help to figure out a plan to move forwards, this short programme comprising just few sessions would be ideal.  

    During the first session we will dig deep into what is going on for you and explore your underlying life values and motivations. You will take away some strategies to help move forwards and we will then check in with what impact these have made during the next  sessions held two weeks later. We will meet online via Zoom. This programme will leave you feeling inspired and re-energised to tackle life’s ups and downs. 

  5. Freestyle

    To have a clear view on your life and well organise your time and relationships.To be able to make a decisions, and than, take a next step. For a balanced and happy life.  

    Book immediately online, and I will reach out within a business day to schedule a first free appointment.  


    Shoot me a message so I can answer any questions you’ve got. 

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