Boost your relationship
Couple Coaching

Boost your relationship

  1. Say it before you say YES.

    The absolute best thing you can do right now is give your partner, and relationship, the gift of a strong foundation towards success.  

    Invest in the your realtionship, if you are before a big decision (monogamy, moveing together, have a child), and reap the benefits of healthy communication, deeper understanding, and the tools to navigate through the ride of life with your partner. 

    As you know, to have a well functioning relationship is not a simple task. There are so many other things before making saying the BIG YES (to common flat, child, marriage) to consider and things to make decisions about. 

    One of the things that continues to blow me away about couples is a shared experience of openness to learning about themselves and their partner to create an epic (and healthy) relationship. Time and time again, we hear couples talk about how they don’t want to repeat the failed relationships they experienced around them growing up. They want something more; something real and healthy as they move through life with their partner. 

    You can have it all: a vibrant relationship to share with another person who is working toward a shared vision. 

  2. So, how exactly does theses sessions look like?

    Together, we will explore the strengths and growth areas of your relationship based on our discussions. We will create a unique couple assessment which shows us the exact areas to focus on.

  3. Theses sessions are beneficial for

    Dating couples who want to ensure their relationship has what it takes to make it work long term, and talk about the big decisions e.g. moving togehter, get engaged 

    Engaged couples who are headed toward the isle and want to increase their chances of success in their future marriage 

    Married or re-married couples, who would like to deepen their relational skills as they continue merging their lives [and/or families] together. 


  4. Core relationship areas

    You and your partner will have the opportunity to openly explore the core relationship areas of: 

    • Communication 
    • Conflict resolution 
    • Finances / Financial goals 
    • Expectations 
    • Relationship roles 
    • Health & wellness 
    • Personality differences 
    • Children and parenting expectations 
    • Spiritual beliefs / Relationship values 
    • Family of origin dynamics 
    • Sex and intimacy 

    Committing to this work with your partner will help you build a stronger relationship before you say “We do”. 

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